Logos the Dog
 Author: Lisa Pelton

Logos is a dog who is in the Word



Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I am excited about sharing all of the wonderful things that I get to do.

I so enjoy meeting people, especially kids.


My parents adopted me when I was 7 weeks old. From day one, it has been an adventure. I love to share my stories with you through these web pages and through the children's book series, Logos the Dog.
I hope that in my books you will discover more of who Jesus is and how He has helped me in my life. Jesus loves all people and wants us to love Him and love others. I have been learning how to love others as Jesus loves us; sacrificially. (1 John 4:19)
Logos the Dog, Children's Book Series, is about Logos, a very energetic Golden Retriever who teaches children about God's principles and His Word.
Join me in learning about God's boundaries in Digging Deeper with Logos.
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Logos and Adoption: Remi's Journey

Available at amazon.com or your preferred book seller.

Logos makes a new friend, Remi, whom Logos shares about what it means to be part of a loving family. Logos walks Remi through this unexpected adventure of being adopted not knowing what to expect and experiencing unconditional love.


Logos and Obedience

Logos has an adventure as a puppy in learning how to listen to his father. He recognizes the value of rules and understands how much his dad really loves him.

Kid's Illustrations for Logos and Adoption

For the Children's Illustrations events, there were over 50 submissions to be selected for being published in the actual book. To see the illustrations done by the winner and runner-up for the two different age groups, go the Logos2-kidart.