Logos the Dog
 Author: Lisa Pelton
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Lisa Pelton


Lisa Pelton is passionate about God’s Word, His Truth, and His Promises to His children. She has worked with children and youth in various settings for 25 years both volunteering and working in professional settings. These experiences gave her a deep understanding about the hearts of children and how God sees their heart, and therefore she began writing Logos the Dog Children’s Book Series.  Lisa has led several women’s bibles studies, and has co-authored a Bible Study for women called No Small Thing, with Maria Simone, the author of Digging Deeper With Logos, found in the back of Logos the Dog books. Lisa resides in North Carolina and loves working with children at a K-12 independent school. She is the wife to her beloved husband Gary, and mother to her two precious children, Abigayle and Daniel. Logos, their lovable Golden Retriever takes care of all of them, even their cat, named Pawlish.

 photo by: Elisa Jobe