Logos the Dog
 Author: Lisa Pelton
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Logos the Dog Children's Books


Logos and Obedience: Listening to His Father's Voice

Logos, the energetic Golden Retriever, is getting a lesson on obedience. His father is trying to teach him why it is important to obey. Will Logos comply or will he be tempted and disobey his father's commands which could lead to danger?

This captivating story represents the choices that children face when learning the importance of obedience. Through this story, God's principles and his love are demonstrated as Logos learns the lesson of why it is important to obey. (Ephesians 6:1)

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Catch the Digging Deeper with Logos, "Freedom Within God's Boundaries" as it is associated with this first book in the series, Logos the Dog.

Logos and Adoption: Remi's Journey

Logos, meets a new friend Remi, a newly adopted, fluffy white dog from down the street. Remi is hesitant about trusting his new owners, and it is up to Logos to help him discover the true meaning of unconditional love and security through adoption.

Full of adventure and intrigue, this book will teach children what it means to be chosen and adopted into the family of God.

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