Logos the Dog
 Author: Lisa Pelton
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Logos the Dog ...

 ... the fun loving Golden Retriever

Logos the dog is a lovable Golden Retriever who has a huge heart and adores people, especially children. He is six years old, and is as playful as a puppy. He loves to share his toys with everyone who walks into our home, whether a person or another animal, cat or dog! He can't contain his excitement when he gets to go to the vet.
He is fond of swimming and retrieving toys, but if playing with him on land he would prefer to play a great game of chase, rather than retrieve.

He did go to obedience school and does quite well obeying his commands, but his instructor noted that she's never seen a dog with such an affectionate heart as he would rather love on someone than eat a piece of filet mignon. There is no one that does not like Logos; even his three cats love him.
 A treat for the adults:

Digging Deeper with Logos

by Maria Simone
Obedience. A word that causes many of us to cringe. Maybe you feel like obedience is an impossible task. I believe God wants us to see obedience to Him in a new light.  

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Logos as a puppy, 8 weeks.


Logos knows the best place to take a nap.